R&D related activities


2019 was mainly devoted to launching of the European Joint Programme (EJP) on Radioactive Waste Management called EURAD. The first wave of the EJP started in June 2019. SITEX.Network devotes resources to help the coordination of the TSOs involvement in this project. In parallel, in the perspective of the definition of further projects in the framework of the second wave of the EJP, SITEX.Network will revisit its SRA produced in 2015 and if needed, crystallize evolution early 2020.

Political and social sciences is one SITEX SRA items, not covered to date by the EJP. Several researches directly of concern have been recently published in Belgium, France, Germany… which worth being accounted for. Some innovative works were shared during a Topical day in November 2019, with invited researchers to tell us their views and challenge our mind! Learn more. Such Topical Day will be a yearly event by the SITEX community, open to externals.