Interaction with Civil Society

Further developing and experimenting interactions with CS with the view to contribute to the relevance of the Expertise Function is a major objective of the SITEX.Network. In this perspective, several activities presented above (Reviewing and R&D activities) include interactions with CS. In addition, the SITEX.Network will further implement the serious game developed in the context of the SITEX-II project (the Pathway Evaluation Process or PEP). Specific PEP sessions will be organised by the SITEX.Network in partnership with MUTADIS (the organisation that led the PEP development). Two PEP sessions (of two days each) in 2020 will be proposed to participants, internal or external to SITEX.Network, such as representatives from TSOs, Regulators, WMOs and CS. The organisation costs will be supported by the participant fees.The detailed description of this SITEX activity is here (soon).